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- To advertise in the Journal of Academic Projects

The journal has a section for classified ads. The ads can be full page ads. Each ad costs $75 per book, regardless of size. Only genuine ads related to jobs, products, services, in the field of education, science, technology, economics. As per policies of the journal the font size in the ad must be large and readable. Fine print is not acceptable. Ad can also be a full page color image.

Acceptable ads:

"Eskimo University in Texas - offers PG programs in Climate Change"
"Triple Helix Corp releases a new product for DNA sequencing"
"Education loans offered by Bank of Cayman islands"
"Legal immigration made easy for qualified Scientists"

Unacceptable ads:

"Zwaggy Corp seeks your help in transferring $30M from London"
"Communist Party of India wants your esteemed membership"

Bulk ads can be purchased ahead and ad templates submitted early. All payments presently processed through paypal (USA) with address.

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