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Publication guidelines

- Softcopy of papers shall be submitted by electronic mail to File size must be 5MB or less. If the paper is longer, please split it into multiple files and send them.

- There is no fee for submission of papers.

- Content of a paper must be concise. Avoid redundancy. Avoid text book information that is available elsewhere. Be original! Emphasize ... BE ORIGINAL in writing and figures/tables. There is no short cut to publication. Take help from peers, professionals in the field, if required. Students must include their mentor/ supervisor name and take their guidance before submitting a peper.

- All papers are peer reviewed, and revisions could be suggested by reviewers. Normal turn around period for a review is about two weeks but could get longer depending on queue.

- Requests for accelerated publication is accepted at $125 per paper. All payments shall be made by paypal to with attached note on reason for payment. We reserve the right to accept or return any payment. Make payments only after the paper is accepted for publication. No assurance on how fast an examiner can review your work/paper. That is outside our control.

- Publication queue can be viewed in the upcoming publications section.

- Submission of papers automatically implies transfer of Copyright to Big Font Corporation. In other words, if you believe you have some intellectual property right to the contents of a manuscript, then please do not submit it here. Scientific work that may result in a patent or other intellectual property rights should be submitted only after those procedures are completed by the author. A Copyright is for the style of writing and presentation, it is not for the method or other logical inferences presented in a paper. Author of a paper retains intellectual property rights other than its Copyright. No Copyright is transferred on submitted but rejected papers and the author is free to resubmit it elsewhere.

- The Journal reserves the right to accept/reject a paper without assigning any reason whatsoever. The maximum liability of the journal or its parent company is limited to any fee paid by an author for any added service such as speedy publication.

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