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Some frequently asked questions

- I tried submitting a paper but email rejected it. What should I do?

Attachment file size might have exceeded the limit of 5MB. Or some suspicious element in the attachment/email. Best to send the mail with attachment through your google mail or other professional route where they are screened properly before accepting. If all else fails, pl contact for further steps. We may provide an optional direct upload link.

- How does it benefit me to get a paper published?

Publishing a peer reviewed scientific paper enhances ones career credentials. It provides visibility and a standing in the society. Also it helps if you are seeking to go for higher education. Senior researchers appreciate your motivation and interests in their field, more than your ability to score in some exams.

- am I allowed to copy pages from the journal for personal use?

For personal and academic use, you have the permission to make one photocopy of any published paper. Any commercial redistribution is prohibited. Any academic redistribution is permitted as long as there is no modification of the pages. Copying the whole volume may not be cost effective for you, it will be cheaper to order it directly from us.

- Can I buy a hard copy of the journal?

Hard bound copies are intended for science libraries. Librarians can contact us on how to procure them. Individuals can download the softcopy and print one set for their personal use, free of cost. If you still need a hard copy, you need to place an order.

- Where is the company/journal located?

Big Font is a registered Wyoming Corporation in USA, located in Sheridan, WY 82801.

- What is the contact info for journal?

You can contact for any query related to a publication or journal. You can contact for any legal, financial or other corporate queries.

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