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manuscript preparation

- Editable word document (doc/docx) or open office document (odt), no PDF version. Text must be black and background is white. Images/designs can be in color.

- Number of pages shall not normally exceed 40, including figures, tables and citations, in the submitted document. Font type must be serif and minimum font size is 12. Single column. Text can wrap around figures and tables.

(a) Title (Bold, but no underline)
(b) Authors names, affiliations/ addresses (maximum 5 authors)
(c) Abstract (150 words), followed by keywords (one line).
(d) Introduction (addressing the problem, objectives, background literature, references should be cited as (Johnson et al, 2012)
(e) Method, Materials and Resources (used in the research work)
(f) Description/Discussion/Analysis (may contain other sections as per Author's choice)
(g) Figures and tables inserted at appropriate sections. Figures are numbered as Fig.1, Fig.1a, Fig.1b, Fig.2,... etc as appropriate, with a caption. Figures/photos/images can be as big as one full page, but leaving space for caption as well as header/footer. Figures and tables must be referenced in the text and discussed in detail.
(h) Tables numbered as Table 1, Table 1a, Table 1b, Table 2 ...etc as appropriate. Larger tables must be split as different tables in each page.
(i) Conclusions (up to 20 lines, one or two paragraphs).
(j) Acknowledgment, pl thank your coworkers and others who assisted in your work, but not having intellectual contribution to your work. Also thank the grants/scholarships received during this work.
(k) contact author info (short name, email)
(l) References (literature citations) alphabetically as ... (example):

Johnson T, Abrams J, Miller H "Discovery of Supernova in Orion Nebula"
Journal of Modern Astronomy (2012) 6 343-351.

- Pl do not provide html hyperlinks in the manuscript. For linking to databases please use the journal reference recommended by those databases. For linking to other published content, pl cite its journal source. Conference sources cannot be cited unless they are published as full length paper and available for access.

(m) One page (optional) section on "About Authors" for each listed author

-shall contain their passport photograph, their profession, fields of interest, number of papers published in their fields including this paper, grants and funds and any other info that might be useful for other researchers in related field to communicate with each other, collaborate for mutual benefit.

Authors may also submit an original image for front cover display.

A covering letter with manuscript is required. In addition to correspondence the letter must include the following lines:

"We are submitting this manuscript (title) for consideration to JAP.

We declare that the work is original and carried out by us. We have included names of all authors who have a significant contribution to this work. We have not included any author name who has not contributed to this work.

Under penalty of law we declare that the work and write-up are original and it has not been plagiarized from other sources/journals or books or other published media.

We agree to transfer the Copyright of the submitted paper to Big Font Corporation. We declare that the paper has not been submitted to any other journal or conference and will not be submitted to other journals or conference while under consideration with JAP."

Covering letter can include possible choice of referees (and their contact info). It should also include the subject field (e.g. automobile engineering).

Covering letter must be physically signed by the Senior Author of the paper, scanned and sent with manuscript as additional attachment (can be a PDF file or image file).

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