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Quality of work and Presentation

- Journal of Academic Projects aims for highest standards in work and presentation. Highest levels of integrity in Science and Research is required. Do not lift content from other published work. The Journal may perform cross verification of submitted content with prior art. Violation of Copyright of another researcher is legally punishable and morally reprehensible. A Copyright is owned by an author the moment he/she creates the work, not after it is registered for a Copyright. Registering a Copyright merely reaffirms the right of an author. Therefore, please avoid infringing into a Copyright entirely. Be original in work, be original in writing a paper. The Journal reserves the right to reject or even withdraw a paper after publication, if it is found to have infringed into another Copyright. Any fee paid towards publication is nonrefundable in such circumstances and the violators might even have to pay a penalty as per law, both to our organization for bringing disrepute, as well as to the author of the original work.

- There is no expectation of breakthrough result in a submitted paper. A negative experimental result can be a positive scientific result (e.g. "we tested the entire gold-silver alloy phase for superconductivity and there is none"). Finding superconductivity in an alloy is both a scientific and an economic progress. Not finding superconductivity in an alloy is a scientific progress. We limit ourselves to scientific progress. But the quality of research with extensive attention to details, reproducible nature of experiments, transparency and willingness to collaborate, sharing data, error analysis etc should not be compromised.

-The authors should be less concerned with grammar and pay more attention to technical content. It is advised that the authors write short sentences to avoid obfuscation.

-Large amounts of data that were generated as part of research may be stored in data repositories and referred to. Computer codes should be stored in github or other code repositories. In case the author does not find a suitable storage, he/she can contact JAP and we can arrange a free local storage.

-Color pictures, photos, designs are accepted if they enhance the quality of presentation. However, for normal charts like scatter plot, curve fits etc please use black and white.

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