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ProjectDB is owned by Big Font Corporation (Regd in Wyoming State, USA).

Our mission

Each year tens of thousands of students carry out academic projects in their colleges and submit their reports to their respective Universities. After grading, these reports remain obscure to the rest of the world. We aim to provide a platform to bring greater exposure to these reports. This will preserve reports and also reward the students with skill-oriented jobs.

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    Privacy Policy

    Project reports carry the author name and contact information. Therefore, there is no anonymity in this site. If you do not want your name, contact info to be public, pl do not use this website. We do not send promotional emails. If you receive such mails be assured they come from elsewhere. Only emails for personal requirements (e.g. recovering lost password) are sent.

    Payment Policy

    No payment is necessary to use this website or upload your project reports. Additional special services such as journal publication may incur costs. Payments made are not normally refundable, unless some financial irregularity is found. The burden of proof that a payment was made in error is entirely upon the payee. Please read full Terms of Service ... and FAQ.

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